Sustainability Dashboard

This dashboard is a snapshot that shows the breakdown of the Digital Greenness Credential, featuring recommendation, GreenON sentiment analysis and the credential badge. The recommendation feature provides financiers with advice and insights on the green project’s aspects based on selected green indicators for financiers to make an informed decision when it comes to green investing. The GreenON sentiment analysis highlights the media impression of the corporate involved in the project through news articles and reports online. The dashboard also features the credential badge, which indicates that the project has been verified, increasing the likelihood of corporates attracting green investments for their projects.

By presenting the different components of the Digital Greenness Credential on our sustainability dashboard, it improves interpretability of our analysis done on a specific green project for both financiers and corporates.


GreenON is powered by field data from AgriON's patented fintech platform.

Project Green Score




For Funding Consideration:

-The green indicators and scores have been audited in the last 6 months

-No material issues

Green Indicators

Selected Green Indicator:

Carbon emissions have gone down by 12% over the last 3 months
Increased number of farmers who are going through a financial literacy program
Increased number of farmers who completed a financial literacy program
Sustainability certification in progress
Date Score Article Count
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  • The analysis for company started in 2010
  • The cumulative average is positive.
  • The average for the last 12 months is positive.
    • Positive Count = 0
    • Moderately Positive Count = 0
    • Neutral Count = 0
    • Moderately Negative Count = 0
    • Negative Count = 0
  • Total Article Count for the last 12 months is 0.
Trend Analysis

The project contributes towards the following Sustainable Development Goals:

UN SDGs Highlights Improvement Recommendations